Essential Things to Know Before You Buy an Engagement Ring

Planning to propose to your long-time girlfriend? Once you choose a date and time to do it, you’ll also have to pick the perfect ring. Here are some essentials things you should know when buying rings for your lady-love.

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Do you know the 4C’s?

There are four main aspects you need to consider when you are picking out an engagement ring. They are named by experts as the 4Cs: carat, cut, clarity and colour. This is the global standard of deciding the quality of diamond rings. Plus this will help you figure out the characteristics that separate a particular diamond from the rest.

What Is The Differences Between The Shape Of The Diamond And The Style?

Before you set out to hunt the perfect engagement ring, it would help to identify the differences in the shape of the diamond, the style that has it has been cut along and its quality. The shape of the diamond means the outline of the diamond when it is kept face up. When you are shopping for engagement rings, it helps to know the different shapes to look out for, the most common shape being circular. However, there are other shapes as well and these are quite popular as well. These include pear, marquise, square, heart and even rectangle.

The style of cutting is usually how the facets of the diamond are made. The most popular arrangement of facets are specifically for diamonds that are circular in shape and this brilliant style of cutting is standard. There are other styles of cutting diamonds and these include emerald cut with long facets along the sides with corners that are also beveled. There is another cut called the radiant cut which is a rectangular or a square shape.

The quality of cut or the cut quality means how well the facets of the diamonds coordinate with light. Even though a few diamonds are cut in the same shape, it does not mean that the table size, thickness of girdle and the symmetry are equal. Keep in mind that these said features have significant effects on the overall appearance of the diamonds.

You Also Need To Pick the Metal for the Band

Although you might not exactly notice this, the metal used to make the band of the ring also has an effect on the appearance of the ring. However, the most popular metal that is used for the band includes white gold as well as platinum. What you choose will guarantee to give your fiancee a modern and elegant look. There are also great bands for diamonds that are silvery and not too bold which will bring out the diamond very well.

If you are planning to get a gold ring, go with metal prongs or maybe even bezels that are frequently coordinated into bands that are gold and yellow. These can really bring out a lovely effect by contrasting this with the colour and shape of the diamond. Another trending colour is rose gold. This has a warm and feminine appearance.

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