Why You Should Start Wearing Pantyhose?

Pantyhose are considered essential to look effortlessly chic and polished. But with a more tolerant and casual offices, the need to wear one since some consider it to be uncomfortable and costly being easily tarnished by runs, less and less professional women opted to wear pantyhose on a daily basis. In spite of these factors, sales for hosiery are still ample. If you are on the fence on whether you should start wearing pantyhose, this post will give you enough reasons as to why you should start wearing them as soon as possible.

Royals Wear Them

We’ve seen Queen Elizabeth in her colour-coordinated outfits wearing sheer stockings. But she is not the only royal to wear them. In fact as part of the “Kate Middleton Effect” on boosting the sales of brands she wears, sales for pantyhose increased after the masses found her wearing one during her appearances. Due to her influence, runway shows started showcasing hosieries as well.

Better to Overdress than Underdress

When attending an interview, you have to put your best foot forward. If there is a possibility to inquire about a dress code do so. But in order to be safe, slip on sheer neutral coloured or black hosiery if wearing a skirt or an above the knee dress. Remember that you are trying to impress and if you arrive looking like you put on time and effort to look at your best, they will definitely be. The same goes for business meetings and presentations, it will help you look sophisticated, elegant and well dressed and is more likely to be heard and accepted for your professionalism.

Wear them for your Shoes

Hosiery will help you fit into your shoes better especially if you bought a pair half size bigger. It also protects your shoes from being smelly because of your sweaty feet.

Smooth Out Figure

There are womens plus size hosiery that offer control top to even out some of the love handles and bulges to fir into your clothes better. Some of these control top pantyhose also provides lumbar support to assist those needing to stand up for hours.

Another Way to Accessorize

Wearing pantyhose will inject some personality into your ensemble without requiring any extra effort from your side. This is particularly helpful when the season is changing and it is cold but not yet that cold for you to stop (momentarily) wearing short skirts and dresses. It will provide your legs with a layer for warm and comfort but still keeping you stylish and chic.

Must for Conservative Events

There are events where wearing pantyhose is a must. Formal dinners and ceremonies such as award shows, weddings and funerals are included in such events. Wearing one will give an aura of conservatism to your ensemble that is appropriate to such occasions. Adding pantyhose to your church dress is appreciated as well.

There has been a debate whether women should continue wearing pantyhose since it is considered old-fashioned. But the purpose of wearing one to give legs a flawless and classy look is still relative.

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