Jaw dropping Jewellery ideas for south Indian Brides

Jewellery is like the spice that causes everything you have in you to shine, and for a bride on her wedding day, this is essential. With so much inspiration coming from the South Indian Bride, we have come up with some of the best pieces of jewellery for your bridal look. This is one of the best Indian jewellery Australia has to offer, and we are going to be taking a look at them.

  1. Diamond Jewellery

Women and diamonds are inseparable, and they are one of the most important aspects of Indian weddings, specifically because of the high value it holds with women. Every woman loves to show off her shining diamonds on her special day specifically because it goes with any colour they decide to put on.

  • Antique gold jewellery

Gold is one of the most popular jewellery we see in most South Indian weddings. It is made in designs and forms like Kundan and Meenakari, which makes it one of the best wedding ideas you can get from South Indian brides. The one thing you can notice from their Indian gold is that it is light in colour with other aspects of the jewellery coated in darker colours to help bring out the outlook.

There are numerous antique designs like the kadas, vankis, mang tikkas, hath pools, and waist belts making the rounds in South Indian Jewellery, all of which we can get a lot of inspiration from. 

  • Nakshi and Temple Jewellery

This is another jewellery idea that has an exquisite and divine look for weddings. Many brides are now taking an interest in the Nakshi jewellery, which makes them look splendid on their special day. The reason for the popular use of this jewellery is because of the royal and wealthy look it gives every wedding attire. The Nakshi waist belt is also known as vaddanams and is popular, and this gives the bride the best looks out there.

  • Polki Diamond Jewellery

For a Rajkumari wedding outlook, the Polki or Kundan jewellery is the best jewellery type for you. It has this royal outlook which would be difficult to replicate with other jewellery types. The Polki diamond jewellery is jewellery popular with the Moghuls and is made of natural unfinished diamond. The Polki jewellery type is trending with Indian brides alongside heavy chokers, JadauPolki, and chandbalis.

  • Pacchi jewellery

The pacchi jewellery has a calling appeal which has helped it to become more popular not only as popular Indian jewellery in Australia but across the globe as well. This jewellery is elaborate and beautiful jewellery, made using colouredpacchi leaves, pearls and glass stone. The beauty is in the leaves embellished by hand on top of one another, which gives it a simple three-dimensional outlook which you would love and enjoy.

When it comes to south Indian jewellery inspiration, these are some of the best ideas you can use for your weddings and special occasions as well.

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