How to Achieve Beautiful and Healthy Nails

Your nails function more than protection for your fingers and toe tips. You can use it to scratch, peel things, and even serve as an additional beauty feature for your hands. Keeping your nails healthy may sound like a simple task, however, it requires more than just trimming and shaping it. Whether you do nail care on your own or in a nail salon, maintaining them on their best shape is definitely a worthwhile investment. Whether nail care is a form of indulgence for you or simply self-care and maintenance, here are some of the best tips to remember in order to achieve healthy and beautiful nails.


Just like your skin, the nails also need to be moisturized in order to keep them healthy and strong. Dry nails become brittle and break easily. Your nails get dry easily when they are always exposed to water or other chemicals. Moisturizing your nails is easy if you have the right products to take care of it properly. Simply apply a nail moisturizing cream after showering, washing hands, or any activity that might leave your nails dry afterwards. For quality and effective nail supplies Australia has a few good shops to offer.

Don’t Mess with the Cuticles

Cutting, pushing or removing the cuticles is a common thing for most people. However, this part doesn’t really need to be removed or bothered at all. The cuticles serve as a protective seal for your nails, keeping them protected from infections. Aside from that, there are some cases wherein the nail growth is affected because of dry or damaged cuticle. Just leave the cuticles be and treat them as an important part of your nail care routine by moisturizing them if needed.

Treat Nails with Care

Since your hair and nails are composed with the same protein called keratin, the ways in taking care of them can be similar. Your nails need to be moisturized, trimmed, and is best kept away from nail products with harsh chemicals. Hydrate the nails properly just as you’d leave on a conditioner on your hair. That way, you can be sure that your nails are growing healthy and become more beautiful as it grows longer.

Keep Warm

Winter is a hard time for your nails. Because of the cold and dry weather, your nails become brittle faster than regular days. Sudden changes in temperature also weaken the nail cells, leaving them a little bit weak even if you don’t notice it that much. When going out during winter, it is always recommended that you wear gloves to protect your nails from the harsh condition outside. If you feel that your nails are starting to get brittle, apply some nail conditioner to hydrate and bring back its life.

Taking care of your nails requires a lot of steps to do. With those tips mentioned above, you can definitely achieve and maintain healthy and beautiful nails. Try them out and see how it works for you.

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